We work remote, and we’re stronger together.

Our founders message.

Learn about our history, mission and strategy.


About us.

Grupo was born from the pains at HireOtter, managing 100’s of remote software developers.

The team, led by Mike Townsend, started hosting calls to offer accountability and coaching for the developers, which had a profound effect.

After seeing multiple successes with coaching, Mike reached out to an old friend, Quinntin Ruiz - a certified CEO & Executive Coach at Mochary Method, to help create a group coaching program specifically designed for remote software developers.

While both startup groups and men’s groups have become popular, we recognize the need for group support for remote software developers.

There is a magic that happens when the right group of people come together with an intention to learn, share, and help each other grow.

Global remote work is a new experiment for humans, and our mission is to help people thrive in this new world.

Our values.


Speaking and listening with precision.


Not holding back, speaking your mind.


Giving others the time to fully express themselves.


Respecting other people’s time by being on time.


Speaking and listening with precision.


Speaking and listening with precision.

Meet our team members

Godfrey Ablen

Onboarding Coordinator

Mike Townsend

Head of Growth

Pray Nadal

Member Services

Julian Torres

Head of Member Services

Karthy Chandra

Coaching Leader

Ann Marcaida

Content Manager

Fran Desimoni

Career Coach

Why us, why now?

It all started with HireOtter

We have been connecting, training, and hiring remote workers since 2015. We have relationships with thousands of developers and hundreds of recruiters. We understand the struggles of remote life we’re motivated to improve it.

5000+ developers

Across North and South America, we are networked.

100+ clients

We understand the needs of companies hiring remote.

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